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Privacy Policy

A. Introduction

1. Welcome to the website NeonGamez.com (jointly hereinafter: “the Website”) and/or the “NeonGamez” games (hereinafter: “Games”) of NeonGamez (hereinafter: “the Company”).

2. This privacy policy document constitutes an integral part of the Company’s terms of use (hereinafter: “Terms of Use”).

3. By approving the Terms of Use and/or entering the Website and/or Games you shall be deemed to have agreed to all the Terms of Use, including the entire contents of this privacy policy document.

4. If you do not agree to some or all of any of the Terms of Use and/or the privacy policy, or part thereof, you are requested not to browse and/or make any use of the Website and/or Games and/or their functions.

B. Privacy Policy

5. By utilizing the Website and/or Games and/or the services which they provide, the User (as defined in the Terms of Use) undertakes to comply with all legal requirements pertaining to the maintenance and protection of privacy of any party, including all those prescribed in the Protection of Privacy Law, 5741-1981 and its Regulations.

6. For its and/or their various purposes, including, inter alia, operating the Website and/or Games, the Company and/or any of its representatives may gather, store and use (including though “cookies”) all or part of the information which the User provided while using the Website and/or Games, and the User hereby gives his full consent to this.

7. Without obtaining his consent, the Company undertakes not to transfer the details and information which the User gave when using the site and/or Games and/or the services which they provide, to any third party who is unrelated to it.

8. Without derogating from the foregoing, the Company may share concise, non-identifying information about the User, with advertisers, business partners, financers and other entities. The Company shall share specific personal information about the User, if required to do so in order to accede to any valid lawful proceeding such as a search warrant, court/tribunal subpoena, law or order issued by a court/tribunal/other judicial forum of one kind or another.

9. While the Company takes the customary precautions in order to maintain, in so far as possible, the confidentiality of the details and information entered by the various Users when visiting the Website and/or using Games and, to prevent them from coming into the possession of unauthorized parties, in cases which are beyond its control and/or attributable to force majeure, and without derogating from the provisions of Chapter E of the Terms of Use, the Company shall not be liable for damage of any kind, direct or indirect, which the User and/or anyone acting on his behalf shall sustain should such information be lost and/or stolen and/or used without permission.

10. The Company shall not store or back up for the User the information and/or details which he shall upload when using the Website and/or Games.

11. The User hereby agrees and confirms in advance that the Company and/or any of its representatives may contact him from time to time, whether verbally or in writing, whether by direct mailing or in any other way, according to the contact details which he shall provide when registering for the Website and/or for Games and/or when using the Website and/or Games and/or which the Company has in its possession and/or in any other way, including for the purpose of sending notices, inquiries, advertising/sales promotion/marketing materials, offer/s to purchase/order different games or services.

12. The Company may change its privacy policy from time to time and the user hereby gives his consent in advance to any change of one kind or another which shall be made to it and that any such change shall apply to and be valid in relation to him.

13. Without derogating from the provisions of paragraph 5 above, the User may cancel the consent which he has given to each of the paragraphs in this privacy policy document (as the case may be), subject to sending a cancellation notice to the Company at info@neongamez.com and subject to receipt of the cancellation notice by the Company.