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Advertisement while playing, yes or no?

Advertisement while playing, yes or no?

Gaming is one of the top trends in the world. An ocean of games is currently there for us to play and enjoy. With passing time, games have been getting more featureful and advanced. Similarly, a new trend has been starting to pick pace in video gaming. It is what we call in-game advertising.
In-game advertising usually makes an image or a window pop up on the game screen during the play. If clicked, it usually, takes you to the other page. It is a developing trend now a day getting common in the world. These advertisements are prepared by gaming or other general websites and are sent to different parts of the network. Their basic purpose of sending advertisements is mostly to publicize their websites. So, is it a good thing? Or not. Let have a look at it.

Bad Side of Advertising During a Game:
There are many adverse effects of in-game advertisements. As we are primarily talking about children, they are the ones affected most.
Children use to spend most time of their day playing video games. Parents are fully aware of the video game their children are playing. But suddenly, a random advertisement pops up on the screen. Probably, this advertisement can contain inappropriate material that is not good for children. By any chance, children can find it attractive and can click on the link. After it is clicked, it can take the user anywhere on the web or it can display anything inappropriate in front of them. And all of this is taking place without the parents being aware of it. Now you know better, how badly it can affect your children.
Secondly, many in-game advertisements offer different power-up and no disqualification perks in the game. As a result of clicking them, user attains no disqualification in the game and the player wants to click on advertising.

Better Way for In-Game Advertising:
There are many ways to replace advertising with games. One of the most effective ways is if they add a general knowledge question instead of advertising. By doing this, the children will just have to answer a simple general knowledge question to proceed to the game. It will also make them learn some useful stuff.
The same thing can also be done by just removing the inappropriate content that is bad for children and adding simple entertaining fun facts for children. After viewing those facts, the player can go back to its game without falling prey to any immoral content. And we won’t remove the player’s need to take a certain action to get something in the game.

The purpose of this writing this was not to say that advertisements during games must be stopped. Although, they are leading us to the wrong way and are putting a bad effect on our children. But there is a proper way to avoid this. Instead of these advertisements, they can use interesting puzzles or general knowledge questions for the player. In this way, these in-game advertisements will not affect our children but instead, they will be a good source of knowledge for them. In the end, in-game advertisements must be changed and bettered for the sake of better future.

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